Thursday, October 18, 2012

Doutzen Kroes: Too Fat For Fashion?

“I like the Versace show best so far. The collection is really beautiful and at Versace femininity is important. Feminine shapes are allowed. In contrary to Gucci where I got rejected because I was too fat! Gucci likes slim girls only.” Doutzen Kroes 

Do you think she's too fat? I certainly don't. I'm not one for chubby models but this Doutzen certainly isn't. However, the fashion industry has been telling Doutzen Kroes, a 26 year old Dutch model and Victoria Secret Angel, that she's just too fat for fashion. Doutzen, a size six , has spoken at a CFDA panel about her stuggles in the industry and how she was forced to take her modeling career in a new direction when she decided to stop starving herself.

I probably fit the sample size once, when I was eleven or twelve. It became a problem — I was always told lots of times that I should lose weight. It was a thing, ‘You look great, but you should probably lose a few pounds,'" Kroes explained. "That kept going on until I was about 22, and when I was like, ‘This is crazy,’ because I would look in the mirror and I like the way I look."  (NY Mag)

So Kroes met with her agents:

"What we called now a so-called 'ass meeting,' because I have one. It was there, and you know I could maybe get rid of it, I had a choice, not eat maybe for weeks."  

She explains that Kroes had a luxury of having the ability to switch the direction of her career: 

"I think this is what a lot of girls don’t have now — they have to go back to poor countries if they don’t fit the sample sizes and I hope that after what I’ve done, I’ve chosen that I want to have a healthy lifestyle with the body that I have and work around it and I hope there will be more opportunity for girls to have a choice like that,"

Kroes actually credits eating for her success (her networth according to 8 mil):

"When you don’t eat, you get grumpy, you don’t feel good. So how can you have joy in what you’re doing? And I have that joy and I think that’s what clients see and that’s why I work for two huge global brands. They like working with me, and it’s because I’m eating! There are naturally skinny girls, but not all of them and I’m not one of them."

One of the designers, that like a fuller figure is Zac Posen a close friend of Kroes and a fellow speaker on the CFDA panel about the shrinking size of models "Beauty and Health: Resizing the Sample Size." Posen is a is known for using models that actually have bodies, but even that is not easy to do. 

“I request diversity,” Posen said. “Everyone has an ideal look – I love women, but I am also challenged by what is cool. It’s quite a fine line. We’re designing on bodies and I love bodies and try to make them look amazing.” For More On The CFDA Panel Click Here

Posen and Kroes are Dates For The Second Year in A Row At The Met Ball


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