Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rich and Skinny: The Correlation Between Weight and Salary

According to a study by Timothy Judge of the University of Florida and Daniel Cable of the London Business School, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, women who are thinner make more money then average size women. Men, on the other hand, tend to be paid more if they are closer to the average size. The most notable finding, is that both men and women who are overweight tend to get paid less then their skinnier peers.



(Cable and Judge 2010) 

To read the entire study, please click Here!


goatzonfire said...

I'm curious to know if they included celebrity weights or not - who they measured is important and could skew the data! Nicole Richie, for example, is very highly paid and very thin (celebrities tend to be both!) I hope these dudes left celebrities and other image-based occupations out of the data set.

Great find, though! :)

Camille Rose Van der Schmidt said...

The study just includes average Americans and Germans. Obviously celebrity and models are on another level and definitely get paid more for being underweight.

Mary Lane said...

Very interesting... I will definitely be reading the full article!

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