Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of Lucy: Day One

I have had the most amazing opportunity to wear, use and review lucy activewear for my blog. I know that "Dressed and Educated" is not a fitness blog, but IT IS a lifestyle blog. Over the next few weeks, I hope to change my current more sedentary lifestyle to become more active and healthy , including going to the gym, eating well and taking more time for yoga.  The next 12 days lucy activewear will be accompanying me on my journey and inspiring me to go that extra-mile (literally) to achieve my goals.  I hope that by posting about my struggles and hopefully success in becoming more fit, that someone else (someone who also doesn't consider running fun) might feel inspired and join me on my journey to a healthier life. 

Today it was raining, so my active efforts were limited to walking my dog around the hills of Sausalito, but tomorrow is a new day and a new outfit!

Today I wore lucy's Perfect Core Legging and their X-Back Tank. 

So excited to actually fit in a workout tanks built-in bra! It provides all the support and coverage I need for my trip to the gym!

The X-Back Tank (click here to pick one up) is described as ideal for sweating because it is built with their moisture wicking lucy powermax™ fabrication. This sleek tank features a back mesh panel for extra ventilation. Plus, the mesh is ultra-compressive— we even use it in the shelf bra.  It also features lucy cupcakes (removable bra pads for coverage and additional support) and a zippered back pocket for essentials.

My impression: This tank scared me to try at first because it has a shelf bra. As a girl with a DD chest, I have learned that I often cannot fit in a shelf bra and when I do, they don't offer much support. This X-Back tank actually has a shelf bra that I fit into and it offers full support so I don't even need a sports bra when running or doing yoga (I'm locked in). I also really like the X-Back because it actually looks sexy and keeps my shirt up high so that I can feet comfortable in yoga positions like downward dog.  I am honestly amazed that a workout tank can do so much! I need this tank in every single color. 

Loving the X-Back and the ventilation!
The Perfect Core Leggings (Click Here to pick up the pant style) are absolutely an ideal legging for working out, walking the dog, or running errands in leggings (like I often do). They are described as featuring xBAR technology (eXtreme Body Reforming & Alignment) and the ultra-compressive lucy powermax™ fabric. The Perfect Core legging features strategically placed mesh insets on the abdominal and lower back, reminding you to keep the core engaged and your body in alignment. Oh, and the added benefit: it smooths and shapes problem areas!

My impression: These are amazing leggings because they keep your legs compressed and the high waist really does keep your core engaged and makes you walk with better posture. The  powermax™ fabric is super stretchy so I can move in any position without feeling inhibited. I love the high waist too because it allows me to bend down and not have to worry if people can see too much from behind. The compression fabric helps keep any rolls from forming and keeps my gut sucked in. I think it also keeps my rear-end looking the way I want it.  I took pictures so you can decide for yourselves. 
The Perfect Core Pant hits high on the waist and back only an inch down from my belly button. 

I like the way my backside looks in these pants. 

The Work Out Braid: I often don't wear my hair up but when I go to the gym or yoga it is a must. I like to part my hair to the side and braid my side bangs back in a braid and secure it with a bobby pin. This way I can focus on what I'm doing and not my hair in the way.  

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