Monday, December 19, 2011

12 Days of Lucy: Day Three

I started doing "12 Days of Lucy" only on the consecutive weekdays, since I often work most weekend days

Power Yoga Tank (Click here to pick it up) : The lightweight fabric of the Power Yoga Tank enables a wide range of motion. But let’s discuss the cut: the arm opening is generous to prevent against armpit chafing, and its extra-long length (27 inches!) means that nothing unsavory will pop out during uttanasana.

My Impression: The power yoga tank is great because it's super cute (comes in great colors and prints) and it comes in an extra long length. I love tanks that are long so that I don't have to worry about how low my pants are going in the back, and I also like how they lengthen my torso. I enjoy the tank as well because of it's thick straps, I have broader shoulders and spaghetti straps often make me self-conscious that I look like I football player. This tank is a great fit and a great price  and I can't wait to pick up more. 

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