Friday, December 9, 2011

Dressed and Educated Gift Guides: The Bling: A Gift For Any Lady

Bling is a very important part of every Dressed and Educated girl's wardrobe. 

It also makes the perfect gift for every lady in your life - BFF, mom, girlfriend, sister, friend etc.

The best thing about jewelry is it can be as inexpensive or indulgent as you want and still mean something personal to everyone it has contact with.  When in doubt on gifts, give something she can wear everyday and treasure forever. 

1.  The Deco Brooch - $146 : This Art Deco inspired brooch covered in Swarovski crystals has that classic 20's feel every girl loves. Go Boardwalk Empire style on her and give her this glam gift that she will treasure forever. To pick this up click here or go to 

2. Chan Luu Bracelet - $220 : The effortless bohemian glamour of a Chan Luu bracelet is to die for.  I love these 32 inch wrap bracelets with their cool selection of stones and semi-precious metals. My favorite is the brown wrap bracelet with the rose gold beads, or the mixed metals bracelet but all of them are ridiculously cool.  These bracelets can be found herehere, or at Seams Boutique in San Francisco.

3. Razzle Dazzle Bobby Pins - $5 : These Razzle Dazzle bobby pins by Lenora Dame are a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your friends.  Choose one of the 14 different crystal shades here

4. Draped Ruby Cuff - $145 : This audacious beauty is all about opposites attracting. The bold black cuff offers a graphic and architectural edge while the ruby stones and loose, draped chainwork work a luxe nonchalance.  This cuff can be found here.

5. Bold Emerald Ring - $138 : A great cocktail ring can’t be beat in any nighttime look. The rich emerald hue in this number, added to either colorful or simpler looks, would make anyone green with envy. To pick this up click here.

6. Laura Lee Engraved Band Ring - $135 : These Laura Lee engraved band rings come in Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold Plated Silver & 18ct Rose Gold Plated Silver with your choice of the following inscriptions Love, Forever, Wish Upon A Star, to treasure forever and ever, you make my heart sing, I shall return to my English rose, Rien Que Toi, Moi, Nous (nothing but you, me, us).  These are perfect for any girl you want to show is special in your life because she can wear something that reminds her of you wherever she is. These rings are especially special when you splurge the extra 15 euros on the yellow or rose gold plated rings. To get these Brit made rings click here.

7. Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Gold Pool Ring - $255 : A glittering constellation of Swarovski crystals, set in 18 Kt. gold plate, adds sparkle to her every gesture.  This ring is on the forefront of fashion and will be something people will stop her to talk about. To pick this up, head to the newly opened Alexis Bittar store on Fillmore Street in San Francisco or click here

8. Dana Levy Diamante Lucky Charm Friendship Bracelet -$120 : These Dana Levy Charm bracelets are perfect for any superstitious Dressed and Educated girl.  Worn by stars like Kate Moss, this diamante lucky charm bracelet features a striking diamante lucky charm of your choice with a small turquoise glass ‘Evil Eye’ charm in its centre, on a colourful and decorative friendship bracelet complete with a gold plated lobster clasp closure and an optional pom-pom to match the bracelet.  To pick one up click here.

9. Kenneth Jay Lane Enamel Tiger Cuff - $112 : There’s no way to perfectly nail down the jewelry of Kenneth Jay Lane - all we can say is that the designer is well known to be the King of Costume Jewelry.  Lauded in the industry as a pioneer of “faking it”, his loyal followers have included Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Get your girl to go Rachel Zoe style with any of his awesome enamel animal-inspired creations by clicking here.

10. Zodiac Charm Faceted Glass Bead Bracelet - $80 : This zodiac charm faceted glass bead bracelet combines an intricately crafted zodiac charm of your choice together with 4mm stardust and coloured Czech fire polished faceted glass bead bracelet.  These bracelets are so fun for any girl who checks her horoscope and all you have to know is the birthday of the person you give it to. To pick one up, click here.

11.  Gold Wishbone Necklace - $261 : For any girl who makes a lot of wishes, this gold-plated necklace is perfect for her.  This wishbone charm is engraved with "make a wish"  and can be found here.

Keep checking back for more gift guides including ones for: the men in your life, mom, new babies etc. 


Leslie said...

I love the rings... I wish it was a set though but they are still gorgeous. The wishbone necklace and tiger cuff are gorgeous :)


Camille Rose Schmidt said...

Thank you! I'm glad you liked them. I wish the rings came as a set too!

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