Friday, December 9, 2011

Hair Confessions

Today I went to my hairdresser Dave Ladrech, who has been highlighting my hair for almost a decade. Spoiler Alert: I am not a real blonde unless you count my preschool hair color.  Anyway as I was being blondified I asked a few questions on video for you my followers. Unfortunately, my macbook is not very reliable.... so I only have about 4 seconds of that interview recorded. Therefore, I have transcribed for you our interview.

My most glamorous of looks

Some background: Dave Ladrech, hairstylist at Christiano's Salon in San Rafael, California (click here to see their perfect yelp score) has been highlighting and cutting my hair since 2002 and has over 25 years of experience in upscale salons of Marin County A great many of his clients have been loyal to him throughout his career.   His extensive training includes Sebastian International Los Angeles, as well as Vidal Sassoon, Redken International, and many others.  While professional training is an essential foundation, Dave believes that the best training of all is developed through time behind the chair, working with clients to enhance their individual style with an eye to what is current. I can count on Dave to do great highlights without letting them look cheap or brassy. 

Q. What is the best way to maintain long hair? 
A. The best way to take care of long hair is to treat it well and use quality products especially if it is highlighted and color. I find that Redken professional makes some great hair products for hair, and use their products for highlighting, demi-permanent and permanent color. Other great brands include pureology, and Kenra makes great products as well.

Q. How often should girls cut their hair?
A. People usually get there hair cut 4-6 weeks with short to medium length with long hair if it's not to dry they can go longer 6-8 weeks. 

Q. Who is the perfect candidate for a Brazilian Blowout? 
The Brazilian Blowout is amazing for people with thick, wavy frizzy hair. Even finer hair that's got frizz will benefit from the blowout.... It will smooth, give a lot of shine and cut down blow dry time in half. 

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