Friday, January 13, 2012

Seams Boutique, San Francisco

Seams Boutique is one of the best boutiques in all of San Francisco.

Nestled in San Francisco's Cow Hollow neighborhood, Seams stands out amongst the store-lined Union Street Shopping District. Seams has a sophistication and style that fits perfectly with San Francisco Marina Girl Style. Long charming sweaters, sheer silk blouses, quality denim, and chic cashmere scarves, hang elegantly on antique coat racks and armoires. 

Created by Stephanie Stokes, a model and FIDM graduate, Seams opened in May 2009. Her vision was "to bring in an aesthetic that’s more like a boutique you might find in LA or New York, but still with a San Francisco spin". Two years later, Seams still has that feel and carries brands like JBrand,  Elizabeth and James,  Joie, Line, Show Me Your Mumu, Patterson Kincaid, and Equipment.  It also has incredible jewelry from Jeweliany, Chan Luu and Elisa Gonsalves. 

In Spring of 2011, Stephanie became business partners with Claire Holt. Together they act as my bosses when I come in and work in the store on weekends and holiday. I love Seams and my bosses and if you ever are in the San Francisco area, come visit the beautiful the store and enjoy a personal styling session. There is an effortless cool that is exhibited by those who wear Seams clothing and most outfits can be worn from work, to the bars, and to a Sunday brunch.  

Visit Seams Boutique at 1640 Union Street (Between Gough and Franklin) in San Francisco's Cow Hollow district and for more information visit 

Photos Courtesy of Seams Boutique and Bloomspot
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