Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All The Single Ladies: Gifts for Yourself, Besties and Pup this Valentine's Day

After I posted my "Dressed and Educated Guide For Clueless Men: What to Get Your Lady for Valentine's Day", a few of my followers on twitter who follow me at my handle @MarinGirlProbs requested I create a gift guide "for what single ladies should buy themselves for Valentine's Day".

So here we go:

1. Miss Dior Cherie Perfume ($80.00): Pick up this girly fragrance to help you feel sexy everyday. Miss Dior, with its captivating charm and elegance, is full of joie de vivre! A sensual blend of Italian mandarin, Egyptian jasmine, and patchouli truly captures the dazzling Dior spirit in a modern, fruity-floral fragrance. They say that this scent inspires love and romance. Pick it up here.

2. Charlotte Olympia Masako Silk-Satin Pumps ($875): How cute are these pumps? But at a whopping $875, it probably takes a guy with a foot fetish to buy you those silk-satin pumps. So this year since you aren't paying for a gift for a boyfriend, why not splurge on the shoes that will be the highlight of your close? That way next year when you do have a date or go out with your girlfriends you have the perfect addition to your outfit. To pick up these precious Charlotte Olympia pumps, click here!

3. BLUEBLOOD Sag Harbor Tote ($125): Spring is just around the corner and you need a new preppy bag to carry around all your Dressed and Educated girl stuff (you really expect to fit your smart phone, lip gloss, sunglasses, wallet, camera, laptop, cardigan and reading material all in your purse?), you definitely need a tote to lug all of the stuff you seem to accumulate throughout the day.  This tote also works for weekend getaways to Tahoe, the Hamptons, and Napa. Pick yours up at www.bluebloodliving.com and for February 13th & 14th enter the promo code: BEMINE to get 15% off on all BLUEBLOOD products.

4. The Little Bra Company Lucia Low-Rise Thong ($28) This "little bra company" low rise thong is the perfect little red thong for you. It's always nice to throw on a pair of lacy red panties to see where the night might lead you. 

5. Sag Harbor Collar ($36): Now that you got your Sag Harbor tote (above), why not get something for your real love of your life? Your pup. They're like a boyfriend in that they greet you when you come home, love long walks on the beach, give great cuddles and love to kiss you, but they don't care if you get fat, talk back, or steal the covers. Why not get them a cute matching color to your matching totes. You can be like that couple that always coordinates! Pick yours up at www.bluebloodliving.com and for February 13th & 14th enter the promo code: BEMINE to get 15% off on all BLUEBLOOD products.

6. Macarons ($31): Since you don't have to worry about the "after dinner" festivities this year, take advantage and eat this Valentine's Day (cause we all know if we were going on an actual Valentine's date we'd probably eat a side salad cause were "not that hungry"-there is La Perla to wear or not wear afterall) Why not get a box of macarons to share with yourself, a glass of wine, and a rerun of Real Housewives?

7. Rebecca Minkoff 'Best Friends' iPhone 4 Case ($68): Remember those BFF necklaces where each one of you got half of a heart, this idea is updated for modern times. Why not have bff iphones? This is the perfect gift to remind your besty, that even if you might not have boyfriends, you have eachother. This is a great gift for her and you to share. Pick it up here now!

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