Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yes, I wanted to be a Spinster.

Yes, you read that right... at the ripe old age of twenty four, I am happy to be a "spinster". Now, I know many of you are probably a little concerned, and images of multiple cats and knitting needles are coming to mind, but being a Spinster in San Francisco means something far different.

A Spinster (or Spinnie), is one of the 175 members of the philanthropic organization Spinsters of San Francisco. Founded in 1929, the group is a historical, social and philanthropic non-profit women's organization aimed at cultivating volunteerism in young women and helping the San Francisco, California community through fundraising. The organization is a "sister" organization to the Bachelors of San Francisco (Developed earlier in the 1920's) and also holds events with Guardsmen of San Francisco (Founded in 1949).  The requirements for membership  are the women must be college educated, unmarried, between the ages of 21 and 35, and have lived in the Bay Area for over a year.  Each year, the Spinsters vote on a charity that will benefit from their fundraising endeavors. This year the San Francisco Food Bank will receive charitable donations. 


1919 California Street (The de Young House)

Spinsters was founded on November 6th 1929 by Miss Patricia Tobin (Mrs. Sheldon Cooper) who was daughter of Mr. Joseph Tobin and Mrs. Tobin (Constance de Young). She hosted the first meeting with thirty five women in the ballroom of her family's home, the de Young House,  Her grandfathers were Robert Tobin, founder of Hibernia Bank) and M.H. De Young, founder of the San Francisco Chronicle and benefactor of the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum.  


Historically, an invitation to join Spinsters of San Francisco has been granted through a rigorous process. In the organization's early years to present day new members have only been accepted when current members leave to get married. Membership remains exclusive and by invitation only. In the spring, Spinsters hold as recruitment period and hosts many events where prospective members can learn about the organization and meet current members to sponsor them.  While Spinsters only allows 175 members annually, they receive over 500 applications for consideration each year. 


Visit and attend our charity and social events.

Buy tickets for our upcoming event Fleet or Flight October 5th 2012  (Our SF Fleet Week Kick-off Event) at

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