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What to Wear: Holiday Ball Edition

Holiday Ball Trends

Holiday Ball Trends by camilleroseschmidt on Polyvore

With Holiday Ball right around the corner, some members Spinsters of San Francisco might be at a loss for what to wear during winter's most celebrated occasion. With Christmas in the air, office Christmas parties and black tie fundraisers will be in full swing. I'm sure many of my readers want to know what are the big trends and what is appropriate for their big events.

Holiday Trends: Essentially you have free range to look like any of the ornaments on your tree.  Sequins, Sparkle, Metallics, Jewel Tones, and Embellishments are all the rage during this holiday season.  Make sure you wear what makes you happy and wear the appropriate lengths and silhouettes for your body and the occasion. 

Appropriate Attire:
Black Tie: Floor Length Gowns are a must.
Social Cocktail Party:  Social cocktail parties you can wear essentially whatever you want as long as it is a dress. Typical dress lengths are between mid-thigh and just below the knee.
Office Holiday Party: No spaghetti straps, low cut tops, and all dresses should be below the knee. If you think it might be on the short side, get a new dress or pair matte black tights underneath. 
Ugly Sweater Party: Don't be the weirdo who doesn't oblige, get your ugly sweater that makes you look like you're in a Christmas episode of the Cosby Show and live it up!

Here are some quick Dressed and Educated tips for getting ready this holiday season:

1. Book your hair appointments like a week ago:  So maybe you've lost track between Halloween and the election and now you've realized it's Mid-November and you haven't booked your hair appointments yet. Do it now! Do you want to reveal your not-so-blonde roots during your inevitable high school reunion this Turkey day? Do you really want to be doing your hair yourself for your big event in the midst of the thunderous downpour? Then call your stylist and make sure you get your highlights and trims done before they're booked through Valentine's Day. For night of, make an appointment now for blow dry only salons like DryBar and Blo. I personally made my appointments for all of my big events (Spinster's Holiday Ball, Guardsmen Tree Lot Party and New Years Eve) with Dry Bar  on Fillmore Street since Mid-October's Spark Ball. 

2. Find the Right Dress:  I recommend if you and a lot of your friends are attending the same event, you find your perfect dress early and create a group Pinterest account to publicize who's wearing what. Let's face it, even in a big city like San Francisco there are only a few dresses around. Whether you are using Rent The Runway, a major department store,  or a local boutique, chances are they are still sourcing from the same brands.  Let's face it Badgley Mishka, Alice + Olivia, DVF, Tadashi, BCBG and more are really cute but they're sold everywhere. So if you're gonna buy it or rent it, pin it first, publicize it all over your Facebook feed and pray to whatever higher power you believe in that you don't have a "Who Wore It Best?" moment. 

3. Test Your Shoes Ahead of Time:  While in college, I worked in the Macy's shoe department and you have no idea how many people walked into the store the day of their event looking for the perfect shoes.  Guess what? Shoe departments sell out of the cute shoes early and have only 1 or 2 pairs of each size in stock- so you want to shop early.  Most stores can transfer shoes but they take a week or two to get to you so you should probably shop for shoes a month in advance before you need them.  Now that you have your prized shoes, try this novel thought- wear them around your house for a few hours.  This is very important! Many shoes are actually just disguised medieval torture devices, it's important to know if you will be crying in the corner after an hour. Now that you are an adult and not sixteen, you can't just kick off your shoes and dance barefoot (sorry Britney!). The shoes you choose are meant to stay on the whole night.  It's also important to try on your shoes ahead of time to make sure the soles aren't too slick (no one wants to stack as they make their grand entrance) and if you're wearing tights that your shoes don't become to loose that you walk out of them. 

4. Dare to Tan? Book Your Spray Tan a Day or Two Before the Event:  If you like to be tan to avoid that pale poltergeist look in your Facebook pictures, I recommend an airbrush tan.  No, not the mystic tan booth that we all watch Ross on friends get pummeled by but the airbrush tan where you stand completely naked in front of a complete stranger and have them spray your body with a DHA solution that turns your skin brown.  Now the most important part of this process is letting your airbrush artist know that you don't want to look like Christina Aguilera in the "Dirrrty" video.  Second most, is remembering to shave and exfoliate before your airbrush tan so you don't end up like a streaky hairy woman at your big event.  I'm not gonna lie, I love getting airbrushed and my favorite locations are Pacific Tan in Marin and Brown Sugar Tanning on Union Street. If you're not in Marin or SF, Benefit Beauty Bars have a great tanning solution and you can get airbrushed by one of their technicians. 

5. Manicure, Pedicure, Brunch: Before your big event it's important to make sure your hands and feet don't look like you are a street urchant. Make sure you get a mani-pedi in a light pink, neutral or french so that you can keep your manicure in tip-top shape during your work week. Next, while you enjoy the relaxing trip to the beauty parlor, make sure you create a relaxing experience for your stomach as well. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day and a great way to get eating out of the way before you slip into your undergarments, Spanx, and holiday dress. 

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