Saturday, January 26, 2013

Closer Look: What's in my Bag?

The Bag

Brahmin 'Melbourne' - Large Anytime Tote Black- $295

I received this Brahmin Melbourne Anytime tote from Brahmin in the spring of 2011.  I literally use this bag everyday. When black doesn't work with my outfit, I use the Melbourne bag in white. This bag is a great size because I can fit my laptop in it during the working day. At night, I slip my flats in it  when I switch into heels and have to run to events. This bag has a zip top and plenty of pockets so I can stash all of my pens, electronics, lip glosses and keys with ease.

Everything Inside

My Keys:  These are my lifeline, not only do they guarantee access to my new Rav4, my house, the boutique, my neighbors and many more places, but they have my loyalty cards, and most importantly my pepper spray. I recommend to all women to have pepper spray on your keys, not only can it protect you from creepy men and help identify them (they come with red dye so that the police can find them easily) but it can also help protect your dog or yourself from a rabid animal. Check back next week for my post about "Women's Safety". Click here to purchase my pink pepper spray key chain

My Kindergartner Style Compact Mirror:  One thing that I learned from my mother is always have a compact mirror on you. It's always best to have them in case you have food in your teeth or your hair has gone array so when I saw a compact that looks straight out of the board game "Pretty Pretty Princesses", I had to have it. 

Bedazzled Eyelash Curler: I saw this bedazzled eyelash curler in a Forever21 store, and I had to purchase it. If it's bedazzled, I want it. 

Origins Liquid Lip Color, Pink Dawn $16: This color is great, it has a violet-y tone that goes really well with people who have olive skin tone and green eyes. My favorite thing about Origins lip glosses is that they have peppermint oil in them and make your lips tingle. To purchase this gloss, click here.

"Ginger" Yogi Tea: Even if you aren't feeling well, my job requires me to be constantly on the move and accountable to my clients. If I feel nauseated, Ginger tea is a great way to naturally settle your stomach and invigorate you. I like Yogi tea because it's certified by the USDA as organic and lacks the same kind of chemicals as mass produced tea brands. To pick up Yogi Tea in their "Ginger" flavor, click here or shop your local Whole Foods. 

Post-It Highlighter Pen: I am a big fan of post-its and highlighters and I never know when I'll need to highlight or remember something out in the field, so it's always great to have a Post-it Highlighter on me. 

Blackberry Curve: Yes it's really embarrassing to still have a Blackberry (and trust me everyone comments on it) but in 2011 and 2012 I lost six phones. Blackberry Curves can be purchased for $40 dollars on Ebay, so they were good to have and good to replace. Now that I've had this Blackberry phone since July, I think I'm probably responsible enough to by an Iphone 5 in the next few weeks. 

Anthropologie's Multitude Hair Ties, 10 for $15:  I'm not sure why but with traditional Goody hair ties, I become a modern day Hansel and Gretel, everywhere I go I seem to leave my hair ties behind. With Anthropologie's colorful and crimp-free elastic hair ties, I can leave them on my wrist without losing circulation to my extremities. This means I won't be leaving a trail of hair ties on boyfriend's night stands, under friend's pillows or on some table at Starbucks. They're easy to find and not easy to lose, so I always have a few around to grab. I am obsessed with these hair ties, especially the sparkly ones. Click here to the pick them up today.

MAC Lustreglass in Wonder Struck $15: There is nothing like a MAC lip gloss, some hate it, and some love it. Ever since I was 13, I enjoyed the sticky texture of MAC's lip glosses and so I feel the need to always have one in my arsenal. Wonder Struck is a pink shade with sparkly gold flecks mixed in, and is one of my go-to shades. Click here to pick it up or go to your nearest MAC counter.

Business Cards:  Since I'm self-employed and own my own business based on referrals, it's crucial that I create positive relationships with everyone I meet. You never know who will have a friend who needs a PR or Social Media Consultant or stylist. I love to carry my cards and hand them out, especially so people can come here and get to know me via my blog. 

MICHAEL Michael Kors Wallet $138: This tangerine wallet is easy to see in a dark bag. I love it's quality leather and gold hardware. I can easily fit both business cards and credit cards inside. 

Aloe Hand Sanitizer: I spent a lot of time with my dog, with children and on my computer and cell phone, so hand sanitizer is a must for my OCD germ-a-phobe self. I like to get the ones with Aloe so my skin doesn't get too tried out from frequent usage.

Chloe Myrte Glasses: I have had these giant black Chloe sunglasses for over three years. These French made sunglasses are perfect size when I want to feel like an Olsen twin and hide from the world or the sun. This black pair has been seen on the likes of Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo. While this style has been discontinued you can still purchase your own pair for $216 (a fraction of their original $375) here

The To-Do List $7.50: This To-Do Pad was formulated by Knock Knock and is how I organize my life. The To-Do Pad is a  retro-inspired note pad that helps organize daily tasks, designed with a satisfying 'All Done' box to check when chores are complete. I update mine almost everyday and carry it around with me wherever I go.  To pick yours up, click here.

Shop My Bag:

Now that you've seen what's in my bag, what's in yours? 

Comment with the items you keep in your bag with your name and email.

February 1st, I'll draw a winner from those who commented and send you your own "To-Do" List from Knock Knock.

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