Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jet Set to Vegas: My Amazing New Years Eve

Me stepping onto our private 737 in my gifted Juicy Couture coat ($325) and Aidan Mattox high-low dress ($295)

What did you do for New Years Eve this year? (Pause while I feign interest in what ever you respond with) Well I took a private 737 to Vegas and stayed in the Palms and partied in their  two story, 10,000 sq ft Sky Villa overlooking the strip and then came back home all in about 16 hours.  

How did I do all this? My friend Anderson Pugash (and his event production company Crossroads) and Crowdtilt. What is Crowdtilt? Founded by James Beshara . Crowdtilt is a group funding application. Crowd funding apps are primarily for startup businesses. Group funding can be used for anything. A user can start a campaign to raise money for a wedding, a party bus to a concert, a gift for a friend, or a garden for a community. Basically, anyone can start a campaign to raise money for anything on Crowdtilt.  

So how much did my NYE cost in total? A whopping $375 for my ticket which included drinks, flight, limo busses to and from the hotel to the airport, and the party in the Sky Villa and $85 dollars for the Palms hotel suite I shared with six gorgeous girlies and the four bottles of champagne we ordered from room service. We could have stayed "Up All Night"  in Vegas as the event producers suggested but we chose to get a room and sleep in beds. 

 So here are from pictures from the event:
(Special thanks to photographer Robert Lugtu)

Zee Plane
Me on the plane 

Take Off!
Limo Busses
We have arrived!
Ladies in our suite at the Palms
The men who made it all possible, The Crossroads Team: Jack Herr, Anderson Pugash, Nick Hudson, and Lauren Cañas
Sky Villa
Our pool 30 floors up

The Ladies

Future Mr. Marina Alex "Schmitty" Schmitt and Stephanie Montoto
Julia Vitaro, Cooper Helfet dance with King of Vegas Attire Max Perry
Becca Juskovic and Chris Wood
Midnight! Happy New Year!

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