Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now What Do I Wear With My Fur Collar? - Becca Juskovic

Becca and I met when we sat next to each other on our private jet to Vegas on New Years Eve. I had a giant fur coat on and she had on Christian Louboutins and so we became instant friends. She had received a new fur collar over Christmas and she was unsure how she could piece it together with her current wardrobe. I assumed many of my followers may have the same dilemma.

I have pieced together some of my favorite fur collar photographs and the necessary wardrobe items to emulate these looks:
Vogue photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank wears a herringbone blazer, tortoise shell Ray bans, and Louis Vuitton messenger bag with her fur collar.

Olivia Palermo pairs her fur collar with a cropped camel felt blazer, ox blood Chanel bag, and a pair Stuart Weitzman navy over-the-knee boots.

Kate Moss makes her fur collar look boho chic with an oversized crochet boyfriend sweater

The fur collar with the black empire peacoat creates a feminine and almost Victorian inspired look.


Anonymous said...

Camille this is awesome, thanks for your help! I can't wait to make the fur I was gifted an integral part of my SF wardrobe and to grow my collection.

Camille Rose Schmidt said...

Thanks Becca! So glad you liked it! xoxox

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