Monday, January 21, 2013

The day the Niners won the NFC championship...

The day the Niners won the NFC championship was an amazing day. The day started off with my friend Jenn and I walking through the Marina and grabbing coffees at Starbucks. Then we met some lovely ladies at Circa for bottomless mimosas and the game. There we watched the Niners defeat the Falcons and went on to celebrate on Chestnut, Fillmore and Union Streets. 
Good Morning World! 

My Niners Attire

Natalie and Natalee

Daniella McBride  and Sanela Inajetovic  (Daniella might look familiar, she's on the current season of The Bachelor)

Bottomless Mimosas

We won! - Natalie and Jenn dancing in the streets. 

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