Thursday, February 14, 2013

She didn't steal Sean's heart, but she sure stole ours. A special Valentine's Day interview with The Bachelor's Daniella McBride

Daniella McBride from Season 17 of ABC's "The Bachelor" in a dress provided by LF Mill Valley.
 Photographer: Anna Marks, Styling: Camille Rose Schmidt
D & E:Who was your first celebrity crush? 
D.M.: RICKY MARTIN! I was in love! Too bad later I found out he didn't like girls...

D & E: Describe your first kiss?
D.M.: It was a DARE in middle school. I remember the guy looked like Jonathan Taylor Thomas. It was under a tree, and I remember I had no clue how to kiss. So awkward, not romantic at all! 

D & E: Have you had your heart broken? 
D.M.: Yes, my heart has been broken twice.... but it only makes me stronger. (The Kelly Clarkson song is amazing and so true!)

D & E: Did Sean break your heart? 
D.M.: Sean is a great guy, he didn't break my heart but I wish I would have had my shot. Life is good, and I would never take back my experience.

D & E: What are you doing for Valentine's Day this year?
D.M.: Single girls night! Enjoying my loved ones and friends.

D & E: What's your ideal first date?
D.M.: My ideal date is we spend the whole day laughing, exploring, chatting, and being spontaneous!

D & E: What's your favorite first date go-to outfit? 
D.M.: Jeans, T-shirt and heels. There is nothing better then having a low key glamorous look. That would be my go-to! :)

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Want to see Daniella on TV again? 
Watch her on the "Women Tell All" Episode airing in a few weeks. 

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