Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Evening Soliloquy: Really Daylight Savings Time? Really?!

Now I'm clearly not a farmer or anyone that supposedly benefits from Daylight Savings Time, so clearly I'm biased but I would like to say "Daylight Savings Time is lame". Whoever was the person who looked at their clock one day and thought "Hey, let's take away an hour of people's sleep" was probably the kid in school who would remind the teacher that homework was due that day. 

According to Wikipedia (a clearly reputable source that has the academic prestige of a University of Phoenix degree), Daylight Savings Time was proposed so "we didn't waste valuable morning sunlight hours sleeping".  I've determined that Daylight Savings Time was actually conceived by someone who sounds like my father. 

My question is: if Daylight Savings Time is so important, why does Arizona get out of it? What is so special about Arizona? According to, Arizona actually "tried it [DST] for one year in the 1960s but there was so much negative reaction that they never tried it again".  Is this real life? 

Audience, I propose to you that we "pull an Arizona" and really band together to unite against this silly time change. Tweet, Facebook and share your dislike for this useless time change and have the right to sleep through a sunny morning if that is what you desire. 


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